How To Avoid A Double Tragedy

Family Business, Autumn 2008
Written By: Henry C. Krasnow

When a strong family business leader dies, there is some turmoil as the family and company regroup. But if there is no succession plan, the upheaval could cripple the business and devastate the family. Here's what to do if planning has been permanently put on the back burner.

Trade Secrets: The Secret of Exit Interviews

January 2008
Written By: Henry C. Krasnow

Your company, like all others, has a very valuable collection of information which, if it were known to your competitors, would be devastating. Yet, protecting this information is extremely difficult and often not done as carefully as possible.

What to Do When Talking Fails: Strategies for Minority Owners to Turn Stock Certificates into Money

Family Business Review, December 2002
Written By: Henry C. Krasnow

Conflicts often arise over issues of liquidity and minority owners’ power. This article explores minority owners’ options after talking has failed to resolve that conflict. It discusses legal strategies that can facilitate reaching an agreement on those issues. It also addresses types of agreements between family shareholders designed to avoid this conflict.